thread: Question re: cutting top teeth

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    mooshie Guest

    Question re: cutting top teeth

    Lani has her first two bottom teeth and I think she may be cutting her two top teeth.

    i have noticed her top gum quite swollen and the tooth looks to me like it is erupting at the front not from the bottom of the gum iykwim - is this normal?

    basically when she smiles you can see the gum quite swollen and the white of the tooth bulging a little - i thought you wouldn't see it at the front but you would see it at the bottom of the gum line.

    hope this makes sense.

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    both my boys had it towards the front more, and not at the bottom of the actual gum line


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    mooshie Guest

    thanks kathryn

    i had images of her teeth growing out from her gum instead of down and she would end up like the guy on the hba add - lmao 8-[

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    Nov 2003
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    I keep forgetting to post this.

    Looking at Amelia's top gum, they look the same. Almost like they are going to come out the front but I am sure they will position alright. Didn't think anything of it till I read your post.

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    katanya Guest

    i just wanted to say felix's were the same and they look like they are gappy, when they come through, afterawhile they settle more, everyone in my mothers group were asking the same one wants their child looking buck toothed!