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Thread: Recipe for homemade teething rusks - EASY!

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    Default Recipe for homemade teething rusks - EASY!

    Hello everyone,

    Thought I would pass on a great recipe that I came across which I found fabulous - Marisa prefered them over pre-made rusks and you can also vary them!

    All you need to do is grab pieces of bread (as many as you want to make) and cut the crusts off. You can leave them plain or smear them with a bit of vegemite. Fresher the bread the better as the next step is to roll them up, as tight as you can - fresh bread is more sticky! As you roll, press the bread (like kneeding almost!) and you'll have your sticks.

    The next bit is to whack them in the microwave, for one at a time, one minute is usually the mark but with different watts you may have to play around a bit with your microwave. Something I learnt is that burnt vegemite doesn't smell too good.

    After they have been in the microwave let them sit for a few minutes and you have ready to eat, yummy homemade teething rusks! I used to make them just as a snack for Marisa - she just loves them!
    Kelly xx

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    *Rachel* Guest


    This sounds like a brilliant idea - I love anything home-made that can save you money, and maybe when he needs rusks, I can make some wholemeal bread ones for keenan?

    Great tip! Thanks

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    How old was Marissa when you started giving her these rusks?

    My 6mth old has only had store bought ones, and has choked on them so i'm scared to give them to him again.

    Maybe i'm giving them to him too soon?

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