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Thread: Red, Dry rash on face = teething?

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    Default Red, Dry rash on face = teething?

    Hey there,

    I was just wondering if anyones baby experienced a red dry rash on their cheeks and chin during teething? It looks so sore. I have tried that Paw Paw cream but it isnt really working. Id really appreciate some advice if anyone knows. It looks terrible.

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    Sounds like a bit of contact eczema. Ivy gets it often.
    I've tried all sorts of things but two things have worked well.
    The first was this stuff called calendulis cream. You can get it from health food stores. It's pretty smelly but if you put it on a few times a day, it does clear it up.
    The other thing that worked wonders was this aromatherapy cream called Healing Hippos.
    If you google healing hippos there is a website. It smells divine too and cleared it up in a few days but as soon as I stop it comes back.
    Is it itchy for your daughter?

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