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    Well after much hoping and praying it seems Asha may be heading down the reflux path that we travelled with Jack. Jack was on prepulsid until he was about 12 months old for his reflux and it seems Asha is heading the same way.

    She is still feeding well, four to six hourly with the occassional 3 hourly feed but she has no started to squirm around after she brings up her milk. Her cry is also a lot different to her usual "I am still hungry mum" cry!!! The other day as I was feeding her she stopped sucking and I was about to take her off the boob and sit her up for a burp and she threw up with my boob still in her mouth!! I gave her a bath and put her in nice clean clothes and put her in her rocker while I was going to do the dishes and then about 5 minutes later she threw up again ... not just a little bit but huge amounts! I cleaned her up again and then sat with her until she fell asleep. She now gets upset at even the smallest amount of milk being brought up!!!

    I am going to see how she goes for the rest of today and tomorrow and will take her to the doctors on Friday if it continues!!!

    Wish us luck


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    Goodluck Kelly. I hope it doesn't get too bad for poor little Asha.

    Lots of love :smt049

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    aww.. good luck.. i hope she gets better soon and the reflux doesnt get too bad

    take care

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    We are in the process of trying to find a Chiropractor who specialises in babies and children and see if that will help Asha with her reflux. We have so much happening at the moment ... it is Jack's b'day party tomorrow and then Sunday Emma & Jack fly out to their Dad's. Jack will be away for his b'day (Monday). I have to take Asha for an ultrasound and a MCU scan to check for renal reflux (more comon in girls and Emma had it quite badly!!!) Then when the kids get home Jack has his operation on his ear! So as you can see it is all full on right now!!! I am hoping the reflux will disappear when we have seen the Chiropractor!!!


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    Wow Kelly what a busy bee !!! I hope it all goes well when you find a chriopracter and good luck to Jack for his operation. I hope he has a great party.

    Love :smt049

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    Well the chiropractor has made it a lot easier for Asha to bring up her wind but I am not so sure on the reflux issue. She is starting to cry when she brings up milk now so when we go for our 6 week check up (OMG that is next week!!!) I will be speaking to the doctor about it.

    I don't have anything bad to say about the Chiropractor ... Asha has been a different child since she has been going. She has another appointment on Monday and then we will be switching to weekly appointments. Asha's lower spine is slightly twisted and the Chiropractor explained it as being like a corkscrew ... each visit she gets better and I am really glad that we went ... she sleeps a lot better now and doesn't wake with bad wind pain anymore!


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