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Thread: Reflux and Breastfeeding

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    Default Reflux and Breastfeeding

    Renan is 2.5 weeks old and has the classic symptoms of reflux. Vomiting, choking, screaming, etc,etc,etc, we are taking him to the doctors today and hoping to get some Zantac at least, but just wanted to know if anyone has/had successfully breastfeed a reflux baby???

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    My breastfeeding journey was similar to Kate. I started comp feeding her one bottle a night after being diagnosed with reflux and because my supply was so low at night. After 4 months we gently weaned her onto more bottles & it took around 6 weeks to do it. The main reason we did it was it seemed to help her reflux. But it didn't make too much difference in the end. & I was sorry I did it.

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    Thanks for your replies Christy & Kate

    Went to my local doctor and Renan was prescribed Zantac 2mls twice a day. He still has bad periods of screaming the house down and I was just wondering how long it was until you noticed the difference in your babies???

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    Maybe I am just hoping for a quick fix and need to give it a little more time considering he has only had it since Sunday. I have been giving it 1ml every second feed to see if that works :-k

    Have to have review with the doctor in about 1 week, it just gets difficult getting stuck feeding for about 1-1.5hrs when there's a toddler that needs attention too!!!

    It's terrible to see such little babies suffer so much with it.

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    Hi girls,

    I have had some success with what we're doing. I am still breastfeeding for all feeds but am holding Angus up, elevated on an angled pillow. This seems to help the milk go down better, or the stomach acid to stay down better! I am also giving him an extra feed of a special S-26 formula that i bought in Woolies for babirs with reflux. It is working wonders for him.

    Last night instead of the whole 60 ml extra of formula, i did a half-half mix with expressed breast milk and this seemed to work well.

    The only bad thing about the S-26 relfux formula is it takes him a bit longer to poo than i was prepared for so i got a bit worried, but at least his vomiting anf screaming is much less now.

    (Angus also sleeps elevated - he has phone books under the bed-head end of his cot and alos a rolled up bunny rug under his mattress to elevate further).
    Hope these ideas help!

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