thread: Reflux AND Colic *sob sob*

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    Caddie - hiccups are definitely normal. Jacob still gets them LOL. I think what Christy said is right, if they had them inutero, then they are more likely to get them. I know that Jacob had them EVERY single day without fail when I was PG, and he certainly had them a lot in the first two months of his life!!

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    How long did it atke for Matilda to get over her Wind problems?

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    For her wind it took around 3months I think... she's just starting to get the reflux settled now.. but somedays are still really bad.

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    I was just reading HERE on the main page about baby massage and I know Pinky has reponded elsewhere about its relief on colic, so I thought if anyone was reading this they may want to check out some more information!

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    Stacey Guest

    Hey Iris

    Im a new member and have been amazed at all the wonderful advice found on here ..

    Have been experimenting with my bub who is 4 months and still suffering from reflux ..

    Do you know where I can purchase Dr Brown's bottles ???? am very interested and have looked them up but only found them on US site ... :-s


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    Hope little man is feeling better. For Will as he has reflux too, we were put on S26- anti reflux and colic formula, and since then granted it's only been since friday, but no more screaming and drewing legs up and hasn't chucked at all, this was reccomended by the MCHN. Hope u r getting a bit more rest and Ris is ok too. xx