My little man, Liam, has been suffering with colic and reflux since about 5 weeks old (he is now 4 months). I have found Infants Friend to be a godsend for a couple of reasons (it helps with the wind and helps to keep his bowels regular). My problem is that I am unsure why he is constipated..... He started on Gaviscon (for the reflux) but we changed that when he suffered badly with wind and constipation to Zantac. I have recently stopped the Infants Friend as he seemed to be over the Colic related issues, but have found that he is constipated again. I am unsure whether this is a result of the Zantac, or perhaps his formula - Karicare Gold. It has been suggested that I should try him on Nan Easy Digest (HA 1). In the meantime I have put him back onto Infants Friend as being a natural medicine I thought it better than Coloxyl...... Does anyone have any thoughts????? I try him with water to no avail!!!!!!