There aren't too many threads in here about colic, so I thought I should share the experience we have had with Alexander and colic.

In Alexander's first week he was already probably trying to tell us he had a sore tummy. We would laugh at him saying Ah! Ah! Ah!...thinking... 'how cute!!'
As the weeks went on we found he wasn't very good at bringin up his wind during or after a feed and started to fuss at the boob a lot. He also would become stiff and cry during and after feeds. The Ah! Ah!'s became Aaaaaaahhhh! He was most definately suffering from a sore tummy every feed.

For the first 4 weeks my mum was staying with us and kept a close eye on spacing out his feeds and burping, and my diet too (I cut out citrus, berries, coffee, broccoli, cauliflower, chocolate sometimes hehe, garlic, onion, spicy foods etc). Seeing as she had 5 of her own babies as well as 7 other grand children, I trust her advice a great deal. She hadn't seen anything like what was beginning to happen with Alex. To the point where eventually she was telling me to get him a dummy (which was a radical step for mum!).

So on week 5 we (finally) decided to get serious about treatment. We bought himm his first dummy and put him on Mylicon (over the counter wind medicine) and we saw some improvements within a few days.

On week 6 he went to the chiropractor where he had some osteopathic treatment to his neck. Apparently pressure applied to points here can alleviate inflammation in nerves that effect the intestines. Alex was immediately different after this treatment.

On Week 8 we started him on Gina Ford's rountines (in a haphazard sort of way!! hehe) and he had become more contented than ever.

We are now in Week 9 and feel that the colic days are over. Thankfully. It can be so stressful to see your baby crying in pain every feed, around the clock.

I can't say there was any one thing that helped Alex with his colic, but a combination of many things. And probably time is a factor too.

Maybe others can add their 'remedies for colic'...