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    Feb 2003
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    Teeth order

    Has anyone else found their babies to get teeth in a funny order? Elijah got his bottom two, then we thought to more at the bottom were coming through but a top incisor has beaten us to it, the tooth before the eye tooth it looks like! So not a direct top tooth but one off to the side a little. How strange! I forgot how much I hate teething. Elijah is so feral. *waaaaaaaaah*

    Kelly xx

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    mooshie Guest

    Hi kelly

    yes teething is feral isn't it lol, lani is going through cutting #6 atm. i too was only wondering today what order the teeth should come in and i actually picked up practical parenting and it said usually it is the bottom two followed by the top 4, after that i have forgotten.

    i am sure there is a little picture on the teething rusk boxes but i don't have any - ah well i guess they are there when they come, funny though with lani being my 3rd child i have found i only recorded her 1st tooth that cut, i remember being so careful to write out the dates of my first jessica of all teeth that cut, with jay i wasn't as careful and poor lani (i suppose i could guess).

    ps: have you tried that brauer teething relief, i have found it wonderful for lani and quite often don't even need panadol or bonjela (wish i had of come across it with the others)

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    Jul 2004
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    I used to think that the order Aidyn was getting his in was pretty strange, but when I checked in my MCHN book it turns out he was pretty much on par with what they said...

    Aww Kel, poor you and Elijah!! Teething is the pits isnt it! Even my memory of it fades - until a few months later when the next lot comes through... #-o

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    They get their top two, bottom two, then lateral incisiors, then the first set of molars and then the eye teeth apparently. Well that is what my teeth guide says.

    Lachlan is on par with that but Kameron got, top two, bottom two and then the eye teeth.


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    Jul 2004
    House of the crazy cat ladies...

    I'm pretty sure my book says that the bottom 2 come first, then the top 4, then, the bottom 2 next to the middle ones...

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    Jul 2004
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    Ouchies!! 8 at once Jillian!?! How on earth did he/you cope with that?

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    Melinda Guest

    Yeah I'd read that the bottom two middle ones come first, then the top two middle ones, then the top side ones, then the bottom side ones, and then molars, then eye teeth.

    Jacob got the bottom middle ones, top side ones (he cross-cut his teeth), top middle ones, bottom side ones, and is now cutting his top two eye teeth!!! LOL Weird......his poor little gums are swollen EVERYWHERE ATM though.....I suspect quite a few are on their way.

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    mooshie Guest

    hi theresa

    oh teething just sucks doesn't it. lani cut two teeth one week when she had her first cold/virus thype thingo. she had 39 temps and slept for most of the time was very miserable and this went on for 4 days. my other two were really good at teething you really didn't know it was going on but lani is certainly making up for it.

    i use bonjela and also rub panadol on the gums sometimes. most of the time i use the brauer teething relieft which for us as been a godsend. i have never used nurofen personally, i just don't like the ibuprofen - i have heard it is good for teething but i am just a bit wary of it - dunno why thats just me #-o

    also another thing i do sometimes is get a really soft electric toothbrush and run that on the gums - lani loves it lol, hopefully it is the beginnings of a child that will brush her teeth when asked i wish lol

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    colleeg Guest

    Can anyone tell me what age the brauer teething relief or bonjella is able to be used from. my little boy is 4 months, and showing all the signs of teething.


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    Oct 2003
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    I think its 6 months for the brauers I'm not entirely sure about the bonjela either.... :-k

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    Twinsmum Guest


    Hi there ~ It seems that Hayden is Cross cutting,...he is getting his eye teeth, they are so ready to pop through and his poor little face Broolen is just getting the front top two at this stage, but they come up and down so much its hard to tell whats happening!

    Hopefully they break through very soon here!!!! For all our sakes!


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    Mark&Jess Guest

    Kristanna is just getting her bottom 2 coming through (YAY! First teeth!!)

    Can anyone tell me how long it takes for a tooth to come through fully? Like, once it has broken through the gum, how long until it has fully emerged?

    Haven't been able to find this information anywhere.

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    Oct 2003
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    I think because it differs for most children & each tooth!! Matilda's first tooth broke through twice before it stayed out of the gums and then it took another week before it was obviously a tooth, her second tooth just showed up over night & its already almost as long as her first tooth...within 2 weeks. She is cutting both top teeth at the moment & one of them broke through Monday but isn't there today

    So I'm sorry I have no answers only that they are all different 8-[

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    Oct 2003
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    Ok girls here's another tooth order question...

    Matilda has two top, two bottom teeth and one coming down at the top next to the first two... and her back gums so there's a gap of gum with nothing happening but her back gums are so swollen they look like someone has stuffed sultana's under her gums. They are red & painful to touch.

    So...can molars come before the others? I suppose so reading how everyone's been different, but its weird... and her breath stinks. I'm of the idea that I should go to the dentist if this keeps up :-k

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    Stormi Guest

    Makenzie got her bottom incisors first (a day apart) and she's got the top left central incisor, but instead of getting her right central, she's got the left lateral incisor (next to the front one). They do skip the eye teeth and get the first double tooth. It looks really cute when they have all the teeth but have gaps where the eye teeth go.

    I've seen pictures of babies getting their eye teeth first on the top and no others so that they look like vampires!

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    Aug 2004
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    So far Matthew`s got all his teeth in order, got his bottom two, then his top two then top left and nor top right has just popped through which I must say has been the most difficult tooth so far.

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    Jun 2005
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    I agree Dee, they were the hardest by along way for Eliza too

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    Jan 2005

    *lol* at them looking like vampires!