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    Question Teething?

    Hi all! Our little bubba has a little white dot on his bottom gums at the front of his mouth...I'm wondering if it's a tooth (or the start of a tooth) coming through??

    He's also waking up a lot during the night, pulling/scratching his ears, biting on anything he can get his hands on, screaming in pain a bit and drooling a lot.

    We're yet to start him on solids but we're going to try some farex on the weekend just to see if that helps with the sleep problems...we're really desperate for some sleep at the moment...

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    sounds like teething to me - my DS is in the process of getting his seventh tooth!! As for the sleep issues - I'm dealing with those as well and DS will be a year on the 13th! I highly recommend the "No Cry Sleep Solution" by Elizabeth Pantley good luck...

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    Could very well be teething! K has 3 teeth coming through atm and I can see the little white spots where they are about to break through the gum. We always have major sleep issues with K when he is teething (we were awake from about 1-4am last night *yawn*). If your little one's the same then solids probably won't help. Something that really helps K sleep a bit better though is the Brauer teething relief (homeopathic remedy). A few doses of that today and he is currently sleeping peacefully. I am so grateful for that stuff LOL.
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    Sherie I can only talk from personal experience... BUT () think twice about solids for sleep.

    Matilda was given solids early and because of her reflux it made it 100 times worse. I stopped right away but her stomach was affected & she slept WORSE for another month. We started solids up again at 6 months and she did heaps better.

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