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    Ok so obviously I have no idea about this, I thought Jonah was teething but unless that MCHN we saw (she was a different one as the other is away) has no idea what she's talking about he's not, or it went away. Anyway, what do I look for? I have no idea if what I was looking at before was it, or my imagination or what, but clearly I have no clue. He seems to have two large white patches at the front of his gums (on the bit that touches the inside of his lip), but not right at the front where the first teeth come up but further around (like 2 teeth across in us) on each side IYKWIM?? Which you may not cause it's probably a bit confusing.

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    Bec, maybe check out the thread on [url=]teething symptoms[/url].

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    Thanks for that Sarah. I don't know Shannon, it's had to explain isn't it? I guess we'll just have to wait and see, I hate waiting too, sucks big time.

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