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    Ds(6mnths) cut his 1st tooth yesterday. the last 2 nights he has been so grizzly, cant even comfort him, has been awake post of the night in pain.., have been giving him the bonjela, but know htat this can only be done every 3hrly.. is there anything wlse on the market other then bonjela which can help.. I feel for him, and he is now sooo tired.. as well as us..

    When your babies are teething, are they awake heaps at night and just wont settle.. Poor DS usually has about 10 hrs of sleep at night, last night he would have only had about 7.. he is going to be soooo cranky today.

    Also how many days should this teething happen.. will it just be a few to start off with


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    Hi Maggie ,

    it all really depends on the child ...Kaitlyn was a terrible teether the poor baby. She would usually have bad nights for at least a week before the tooth popped up .We used Bonjela and if it got really bad panadol or Nurofen. Usually it stops as soon as the tooth cuts ..although the next one is not far behind !.

    During the day I found cool teething rings helps HEAPS...and at night as Kaitlyn sleeps with a dummy I used to give Kaitlyn a cold one from the fridge...just kept dummy swapping everytime she woke :-)

    I have heard there are some natural products as well ..I am sure one of the girls will pop in and suggest one!.

    Good luck...I hope you get a full nights sleep again soon.

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    Maggie I am going to move this to the teething forum.

    I used the Brauer's teething relief and found it to be great. I found the bonjela to only work for a few minutes, so for that instant relief I used frozen washers HTH.

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