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Thread: Teething and coughing - a coincidence?

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    Default Teething and coughing - a coincidence?

    Every couple of weeks for the past 3 months Aidan has had some really bad coughing times (where he coughs almost all night, a dry cough) and sometimes during the day, for about a week each episode. Each time I have taken him to the Dr's where they have prescribed antibiotics or have thrown around the idea of 'asthma'. Now I am not so sure that he is actually sick as it seems to coincide with lots of poos (4 a day, maybe more) and a rash around his mouth which I presume is from lots of drool.

    I am almost at my wits end with this cough and really dont want him to have more antibiotics, especially if they are not really helping. And we dont want to go down the asthma road before we have ruled other things out. Has anyone else's bubs had a cough with teething, and is there anything, ANYTHING to relieve this cough? I may know nothing about medicine but my motherly instinct seems to be telling me that the coughing and teething may be related???


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    Hi Jessica
    My little one coughs a bit when he is teething. I think it is from the Dribble, as they produce so much saliva when teething. He also suffered from reflux, and I hear that this can also cause a dry cough. You could try to raise the head of his cot by putting books under the legs, it may help the coughing at night.

    Does bubs have wheezing with the cough? You may be able to hear it with your head up close to his chest. This is a good indication of asthma. I would also be hesitant about giving him more antibiotics. Maybe get a second opinion from another Doctor.

    I know how hard it is when they cant tell you what is wrong with them. Poor little tikes.

    I hope he gets some relief soon.

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