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Thread: teething - do they get releif once they;re through the gums?

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    Default teething - do they get releif once they;re through the gums?

    Milo's 2 middle bottom teeth have cut through the gums, but he still seems to be in a lot of pain/disconfort with them, especially the second (most recent) one, and is doing lots of hand munching etc.

    I thought he would be in less pain now that they're through the skin?

    Also, did your bubs get much of a break between teeth?

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    Indah has continued to be niggly & waking at nightsince both her 2 bottom have cut through, they are 2 cute littlle prggies in her mouth now well & truly showing! But she grabs toys, fingers & anything else she can shove in there & them shakes her head furiously frm side to side rubbing them on her 2 teeth making squeaky noises & it seems to be the only thing to give her relief!? Not sure if anymore are coming, I'd imagined her 2 top ones were coz she's been so grizzly, but still nothing!
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