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    Default teething nightmare

    Hi guys. I think Coco is teething at the moment. For two weeks she's been out of sorts, but mainly that is during the night. She takes a long time to settle and then after waking in the night it's hard to resettle. It's getting harder and harder to resettle. She's waking at 4am, 3.30am etc and I am really struggling to get her back to sleep at all after this time.
    I've tried bonjela which is actually not too bad, and panadol, but don't want ot overuse. Sheseems to want to bite her hands CONSTANTLY. We wrap her and no matter how tight (even both DH and myself wrapped her together last night, using all our strenght to get her in tight and she STILL found her hands). Then her wrap gets SATURATED from slobber!! I just don't really know what to do about this. She was going so well with sleep and now it's out the window.
    She doesnt' seem to be in pain, she just wants to chew. We haven't had a temp as yet, or crying, but when she wont sleep she does get frustrated. Just wondering if anyone has any advice.
    I can see and feel the teeth but they're just not fully breaking through....I knkow it can take a few weeks. xo

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    I'm not sure about the teething thing, but Louis went through a really unsettled time at that age too. He was waking constantly and didn't want to sleep. I hate to say it but it may just be another developmental stage. He would wake up every 1 1/2-2hours overnight and need a cuddle of a feed back to sleep sometimes. I know how frustrating and tiring it can be.

    Also, have you tried unwrapping her?? Maybe she's ready to be out of her wrap. We stopped wrapping Louis about that stage as well.

    It's only been since easter that Louis' sleep issues have settled down and he's now sleeping really well - but who knows when they will change again - hehe.

    Then again, it could just be teething as you say......

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    Gemma is teething at the moment again to. Its horrible isn't it.To be honest I've found the only thing that does help is me! ROFL!She settles straight away if I bring her back to bed.We to don't like to use panadol to often and I don't use nurofen as I used it once and she was up all night with an upset belly. I use teething gel but it doens't seem to do to much really. Sorry I haven't been much help. Gemma's been unsettled during the day to and really drooly. Have you tried teething rings or a dummy for her to chew on at night?Sometimes I put some teething gel on her dummy and that helps resettle her.

    Goodluck.....they never tell you that teething is such a nightmare!

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