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Thread: Teething and not wanting a bottle

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    Default Teething and not wanting a bottle

    Lucie has always been a total sparrow when it comes to having her bottles, but today and yesterday have been particularly slow. I managed to have a look in her mouth and I think she has her first tooth about to come through - there's a grayish line on her bottom gum. Is that a tooth? And is it normal for them to be particularly bad feeding for a few days?

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    jackson refused his bottles altogether when he started getting his first chopper. the first day he didnt have a single bottle (he was on 3 a day) but was still eating solids so i wasnt worried. it also happened on the hot day so i had to forcefeed the water a little. was a great opportunity to knowck out a bottle though, got him straight onto two, one and morning and night.

    he had a sort of a white lump more on the front of the gum before he got his tooth, and then a little sharp bit just popped up all of a sudden.

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