thread: Teething & Poo!

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    Teething & Poo!

    Delightful subject, sorry, but what are others experiences with teething and a change of poo colour?

    Olivia's poos have changed from that pumkin colour to a murky green, & I am thinking it may be because of teething?

    She is breastfed so poos only about every other day, and these weird coloured poos seem to have started this week at the same time as her cheeks are a bit red and I am sure I can see a little tooth beginning to pop up in the middle of her bottom gum........

    Any ideas?

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    My MCHN always said to me that green poo was a sign of changes in the baby's digestive system, when they are little it is more primative and as it matures, poo can turn green! I always would notice Marisa's poo changing when she teeths, but mostly to a more acidic and runny type of poo. I don't see any green poos anymore
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    Thanks the name by the way.......& you are over half way! God that's gone quickly! \/

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    Hi, Jack's poo gets really runny when there is a tooth on the way. It's happening (again!) at the moment. It's also quite acidic as well which makes his bum a little sore. It doesn't really change color unless i've given him something wierd to eat.


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    Aidyn is bottlefed & his poos had been murky green for many weeks, and he'd usually only do one a day. Last week we had a couple days where they were so dark green and thickish, that I was getting worried, but now for almost a whole week they have gone back to being very runny, and more yellow than green... maybe he is beginning teething as well?? - although he is just 12 weeks...
    am also wondering if anyone else here uses 'infacol wind drops', and if you think they might have something to do with the changes in his poo colour...??

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    Hi Ambah

    I used them with Laclan when he was younger and never noticed a change in poo colour

    Love :smt049