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Thread: teething poos?

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    jessica Guest

    Default teething poos?

    for tha past week dd has had realy bad smelling poos, kinda smells like vinigar and theve been extra runny. could it be teething poos or something else?

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    jessica Guest


    she hasnt gotten a rash from it, hopefully she wont. but she does scream after shes done it to tell me.
    do they stick around untill the tooth is through?

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    jessica Guest


    is there anything i can do to prevent one? i have nappy rash creams for when she has a rash should i be using them to prevent it?

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    jessica Guest


    oh ok thanks heeps. i didnt know baby wipes would hurt her, i thought they would have to be realy gentle lol

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    Eeeeewwww yucko!!!!!!! Ella has serious teething poos today....normally i'm not phased by her pooey nappies but today - oh boy. Her 2nd tooth just cut through yesterday so i'm pretty sure that's why the poos are in full force!

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