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    Hi all, just have a few questions about teething. Jaycen will be 12 weeks on tuesday, and for the past 3 1/2 weeks he has been drooling, blowing drool bubbles, chewing on everything he can get into his mouth, grizzling and waking up crying for no reason, he's had bright red cheeks, hardly sleeps at all during the day, he likes having his gums rubbed, and is just generally not his usual self for most of the day. I've also just felt some hard lumpy bits on his upper gums today, about 5mm up (on the outside) from the edge of his gum where his eye teeth would be if he had them - just wondering if they are coming through?
    In all I'm wondering if this means that he is teething? He has had slightly raised temperatures on and off, but the MCHN and GP don't think it's anything to be worried about.

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    not much advice here hun as we are going through it at the moment aswell!!!
    it can go on for MONTHS prior to teeth coming through!!! we have been at it for near 2 months now....driving me batty!!!

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    i think unfortunatley it is normal for them to be like that, i think they can start teething anywhere from 3 months but generally don't get any teeth till around six months. DS was like that for about 2 months, then about a week after he turned 6 months 2 bottom teeth poped through over night. i also think at about 12 weeks its a developmental thing, drooling and everything in the mouth etc.
    i wouldn't worry, (unless of course his fever and other symptoms get worse) you can drive yourself crazy worrying about one thing or another.
    all the best x

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