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Thread: Teething rash on cheeks?

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    Default Teething rash on cheeks?

    Hi guys, Maddy has finally cut (or is in the process of) her first tooth. Just wondering if anyone has had experience with their child developing a rash on their cheek/s whilst teething?

    I know plenty of people have mentioned flushed cheeks, but this has developed since yesterday when we first noticed her tooth cutting.

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    mummymeegs Guest


    Hi Beck... Yep.. this is normal and their little cheeks can be quite sore and dry for a little while. It is probably best to not put anything on them but if they are really very irritated a little paw paw cream could help settle it down.

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    Yep my daughter has a rash on both cheeks right now and I just paw paw cream. It works very well.

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    Emily always get bright red rosy cheeks when she has a molar coming.
    It will probably settle in a few days.

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