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Thread: Teething Symptoms

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    Melinda Guest

    Default Teething symptoms

    What symptoms did your baby exhibit when he/she was teething?

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    red cheeks. lots of drool, day or two of grizzlyness for Kameron.

    Love :hbeat:

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    Whingie, runny bum, temperatures, you name it, we had it.

    Take care

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    New Year Mum Guest


    A little dribble, a bit sooky and a little ear tugging. Nothing major.

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    loads of drool, grumpyness, chewing on everything and red cheeks
    probably heaps more too, he wasnt a very happy chappy when his teeth were coming through

    take care

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    baby_mama Guest


    My lil girl is going through all of those things at the moment and she is only 15 weeks old. She's drooling alot, tugging her ears, has very red cheeks, is constantly grumpy and is always putting her fist or toys into her mouth and she has funny lil bumpy things on her bottom gums. Is it normal for her to start teething so early??? :-k

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    Aidyn had low grade fevers for almost 2 months when he was first teething. Red cheeks, TONS of drool, hard gums, sometimes runny and acidic looking poos.

    Jennifer - it is certainly possible for her to be teething at that age, though it is considered to be early. My sons symptoms started at that age, but his first teeth didnt erupt until 22 weeks (I think?) It was a long and drawn out process, LOL.
    Best to check with your CHN or Dr to get a 2nd opinion if you are not sure...

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    Yasin has started sucking on his gums/lips really hard. Is this likely to be a teething symptom? He's been a little grumpy and poohing more so I think we might have one on the way.

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    Melinda Guest


    Jacob starting chewing on everything in sight.....I think it was a combination of teething, plus exploration though. I'm not sure about the sucking, but I guess it is possible as every baby is different. He may be looking for a way to soothe them if they are a little bit sore. Since Jacob started cutting his third tooth (which then turned into cutting is fourth and fifth as well LOL), he also did a lot more poo's....

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