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Thread: Teething - What Helped Your Bub?

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    Default Teething - What Helped Your Bub?

    I thought we could start a sticky on what helped your bub through teething. Of course different ages require different things, so if we all put our heads together we can come up with a good list!

    Some things that have been helpful lately:

    * A toothbrush. He loves chewing on a toothbrush which massages his gums.
    * Icy Pole Minis - I am not sure what brand but they are fruit iceblocks in mini size which he can hold in his hand in the shape of a pole. It's better because his hands don't get cold from frozen teething rings which upset him more than they help!!
    * Nurofen - When it's really bad, I resort to Nurofen which is usually better than panadol with Elijah but I do alternate the two for added benefit.
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    mooshie Guest


    for lani we have sworn by brauer teething relief and that is basically all she has needed to date - she has 12 teeth now is currently cutting the eye teeth.

    other times i have given her either cantelope (rock melon) or watermelon nice and cold from the fridge.

    when she was younger she loved the gummy dummy things with bonjela on it

    thats all for us really

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    * Bottles of icy cold water. (he would usually just want to chew on the teat)
    * Wetting his dummies then putting them in the freezer for 10+ minutes. Its only a short term solution as they go warm in his mouth again within less than a minute, so they have to keep being rotated in and out of the freezer, lol. But when he is shrieking in pain I will do anything to give him some relief!
    * Definately Nurofen. Apparently it is better than panadol at helping with inflammation, and I would have to agree, as Panadol never did anything for Aidyn when he was teething, whereas Nurofen would let him get some rest from the pain and actually let him sleep!
    * Soft rubber chew toys. The best teething toys that Aidyn ever used actually werent designed for teething. They were rubber squishy bath toys, and he spent months chewing and gnawing on them, and ignored the teething rings, LOL.
    * Bonjela and Brauers teething relief.

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    Teething ring that has been put in the freezer.
    Bonjela(she loves this)
    Just chewing on her Dummy
    Mostly just chews on her fingers wherever the tooth is coming through
    Sometimes panadol when its really bad. But we've only resorted to this a couple of times and it put hers straight to sleep.
    But mostly just give her something to chew on whether cold or not and she's fine.

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    Our kids all loved sucking ice cubes or the icy pole ice blocks. Once i even wet a face washer and put that in the freezer for Lindsay to chew on.

    As for the Nurofen, it works better on teething pain that Panadol. When I was dental nurse we'd always recommend Nurofen for toothache.

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    Debbie Lee Guest


    We've only used bonjela and panadol to date.
    Gab has certainly become more reliant on her dummy since her top toothy-pegs came through.
    I guess once the molars etc. come through, I'll need to do more.. I'll have to refer to some of the suggestions in here!

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    We rotate panadol & nurofen when it gets really bad.

    Quelch Ice Blocks - they're in a tube thing & are 100% juice. I found in coles a thing like a stubbie holder for tube ice blocks & it's been a lifesaver, no cold hands here!

    Bonjela is great on a dummy.

    Rusks are good as well.

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    Melinda Guest


    Jacob liked to chew on whatever he could, so we always had plenty of teething toys about the place, or toys that had a bit of give in them and that were kind of rubbery, yet firm.

    Jacob didn't like ice cold things....he spits things that cold out of his mouth, so teething rings in the fridge/freezer, ice cold water etc etc were never options.

    Bonjela also didn't work.

    So I guess the only things we have found tha thave helped have been plenty of things to chew on, and definitely panadol, plus having foods that he can really chew into, like the crusts on bread etc.

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    At the cold water in her sippy cup. She rubs the silicone type teaty thing against her gums constantly.

    Other than that....fingers. Anyone's she can pull into her mouth to gum down on and boy does she have strong jaws & gums! eekkk....

    When Maddy is really uncomfortable and unsettled then I give her just under 1ml of children's panadol.

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    Brauers teething relief has worked really well for Kynan. He stops sleeping through when teething but every time we've given him the teething relief stuff he's slept through again. He also loves his Gummy straight from the freezer.

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    Sal Guest


    I found in the supermarket the other day a product called a gummi dummi - it is a teether, but is like a dummy. Not sure if DS is teething just yet, but already he loves chomping on it! I think it's a great idea as I can sterilise it unlike the larger teething toys.

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    Lucy seems to have some teething symptoms and so far she chews on her fingers and fists. The Brauers stuff also seemed to calm her down when she was upset last week. I got a gummy dummy for her and she likes to chew on it but has a bit of trouble keeping it in her mouth. I think it's a bit big for her and she's confused about how to keep it in there!

    It's tough to help her out when she's too little to hold things in her mouth properly (except her fingers). She chews on her bib, towel, anything soft.

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    Rescue remedy!!!! worked a treat.

    One drop is the dose for babies. Luxxe would go from howling banshee to calm and sleeping within 5 minutes.


    Most chemists have rescue remedy these days and if not, I'm sure they will get it in for you.

    I never needed to use more than one drop a day.

    OH - I nearly forgot to mention the best part of rescue remedy is that usually when the baby is fussing and miserable... the mumma is too. So when you give the baby one drop, give yourself 3 drops (adult dose) and you'll both be chillin' and happy within minutes.

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    Teething is so cruel! DS started teething from 6m and at 14mo has all but 2 teeth. The following helped him;

    Dymadon for bubs
    Chewing on mums finger (freshly washed of course!) - he loved it
    Cold Teething rings
    Cold wet flannel
    Farex rusk biscuits
    Frozen yoghurt ice blocks

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    5boys Guest

    Default amber teething necklaces

    Hi all

    just read through your posts - I feel such empathy. We are up to boy number 5 now and we had all these experiences on the first 3. Then we found the amber teething necklaces. Wow what a difference! No drooling, no running nose, no toxic nappies and even from 3 months when he cut his first 4 teeth all at once - he still slept through the night.

    Now at 17 months he has just cut his molars and he was a bit gritchy but nothing like the last one who basically didn't sleep for weeks. We brought ours in from overseas originally, and now we sell them at We've got lots more information about them if you are interested - regardless of where you buy from here are a couple of tips:

    1) try and avoid the splintered amber - it isn't recommended for teething necklaces probably because it has points that would hurt if your baby fell.

    2) make sure it is baltic amber you are buying - there are 50 other related ambers from around the world but the baltic amber is the one with succinic acid in it which provides the pain relief.

    All the best
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    Hylands Teething Tablets works fantastically for us, then Dymadon for babies.

    Xander seems to vomit the Bruers stuff... not sure why? Maybe the flavouring or colouring in it doesn't agree with him?

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    Caro.. where can i get a vibrating teething ring??
    Ds loves thinngs like that !!

    teething tablets work good

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    We use the Hyland's teething tablets too. DS is cutting his last 2yo molar at the moment and he loves putting the little tablets in his mouth for them to dissolve.

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