thread: What age did bubs grow out of reflux?

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    What age did bubs grow out of reflux?

    I was wondering what age peoples LO were when the reflux improved significantly? I think I could cope better if I had some ball park figure. Luckily DS is a happy chucker, most of the time, but his weight gain is slow and I suspect this is due to the amount he brings back up. I've heard at 6 months when solids are introduced it gets better but then again I've heard some take until they are walking!!!

    My DS even had the barium test to ensure it wasn't anyhting else and I watched as the only 2 mouthfuls went down and then came back up - not out of his mouth but sure enough it went down and up again.

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    Matilda "officially" grew out of reflux at 7 months, however it goes heaps better around 4 months but when she started crawling it got worse again.

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    Alexzander is almost 4 months now & no change as yet So I can't help with a ballpark figure, but wanted to sympathise with you!

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    Felix got alot better by 4 months (even 3.5 months vomit wise) instead of muliple times a day we'd get one every couple of days between 4-6 mths and then from 6 mths on he stopped almost altogether..still a sensitive vomiter though..

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    Marcia Guest

    It was 9 months before we had any real improvement with Hudsons reflux, but now at 11 months old he finally doesn't chuck anymore! YAY!! Of course now he just gets food all over himself instead so the washing hasn't decreased that much lol. I sympathise with you though. I remember when he was really little I had to change his jumpsuit about 4 times a day because he would end up drenched.

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    awww thats great to hear Marcia!! Its such a relief isn't it? When we first realised it was gone, we didn't say anything for two months because we were afraid of jinxing it LOL!

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    I think Elijah was five or six months when it completely stopped - the reflux formula we used, HA-AR helped but only made his windy tummy worse - the formula being thicker it was harder for him to pass wind in thick poo! But he went back onto normal formula (and breastfeeds as usual) at six months and was fine. YAY! Gosh that was hard, so glad it's over... I do notice now though that on the days I have more cups of tea, he has small amounts of reflux and is more unsettled.
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    Mitchden Guest

    Hayden was about 6 - 7 months old when his reflux stopped I was able to stop his medication there too. Had Zantacs aswell.