Hi all,
I have just been doing some reading for my assignments and thought I would share some of the information with you. It may offer some reassurance for those with bubbas suffering with Colic.

Firstly lets clear up the difference between Colic and Wind, yes they are different.

Both Breastfed and Infant Formula fed babies get colic and wind!

Wind gernerally refers to teh bubble of air brought up during or siin after a feed. Air is taken in as our baby feeds. Air that is taken in as our baby feeds may cause the stomach to distend, this may cause out baby to stop feeding, squirm or show other signs of discomfort. By holding him upright, the bubble of air will be able to rise from the stomach. Some find that holding him comfortably against your shoulder so that the upper part of his tummy fits into it. Gently rubbing or pattin ghis back can help, and offer comfort. You may also like to try lieing your baby on his back, with his body flat on your knees for about a minute, then gently raise him to a sitting position while keeping his back straight. Another way is the traditional, supporting them under the chin with one hand while they sit on your lap, rubbing or patting their back with your free hand.

Colic is a painful condition in young babies, who for some reason seem to have great difficulties expelling swallowed air or intestinal gasses. It is thought that Gas/air becomes trapped in verious locations in the bowel at different times.
No one knows what causes Colic although some theories suggest that switching breast to early into a feed can cause this, as baby recieves to much of the fore milk which has more lactose in it, which is harder to break down. Some think that babies can react to dairy product that the mother has eaten. Also some foods that are in a mothers diet have been thought to cause colic. Caffieen is thought to be a big cause.

Signs of Colic
* Muscular spasms, acompanied by a tightening of his tummy.
* May start off with, squirming & fussing. Sucking at hands and may appear hungry, but when put to the breast/bottle he may nurse for a moment only to pull away and scream.
* May settle, only to wake again shortly after screaming.
* Screaming may last for up to five minutes, may settle back to sleep inbetween attacks. This may be repeated several times.
* Face will probably be reddened, his brow frowned and his pupils may be dilated as he is frightened. He may double up, drawing his legs up to his tummy, crying with sharp, shrill yells.
* Picking up offers little comfort.
* Loud gurgles from his tummy, frequent burps and passing of wind or bowel motion, which can offer some relief.
* Sucking often provides some relief, Colic is often mistaken for hunger.

What to do/ how to cope

* be reassured that this will pass.
* Most colic babies continue to gain weight well.
* Allowing baby to finish a feed on one breast before offering the other side to make sure he is getting plenty of hind milk.
* Offering the one side a few feeds in row, as top up feeds can help. The hindmilk is thought to offer some relief for colicky babies.
* Babies generally do grow out of colic, as their digestive system matures.
* Distractions will help both you and your baby to cope, going for a walk around the block can help you to relax ( a baby crying isn't as bad when your out side), while the gentle movement of the pram can help comfort and sooth baby to help him relax and sleep.
* try to keep daytime feeds quiet, to help encourage your abby to be more relaxed during a feed, and hopefully take in less air.
* Picking him up before he becomes to upset.
* Walk while carrying him, being held upright and the natural rocking motion of walking can help him to burp or pass wind. This is where a sling/harness can come in handy. Colic is rearly a problem in coultures where babies are carried all the time.
* A drive in the car, can also help disteract him from the pain.
* Wrapping him snugly ina warm soft wrap.
* A dummy can be of use for a baby who gets his main comfort from sucking but whose consant suckling is resulting in a over supply of milk. Although he will still want to be cradled in your arms.
* Sucking is good for colicky babies, as it helps expel the gas by moving it along the bowel.
* Raising the bassinette at the bed head.
* Letting your baby kick freely on the floor naked.
* Gently exercising his legs with a gentle bicycle action, Baby massage also helps
* A warm Bath, any time day or night!
* Soothing noises or a white noise.
* Enlisting the help of other family members.
* don't worry about the dishes/laundry, it can wait!
* LOOK AFTER YOUR SELF! rest at every chance you get!
* At 4am, just think of how many other mothers are up tending to their babies too, your not alone!

Well that turned out to be very long. I hope it help someone, I have been sitting here tyoing this out for ages!