thread: What should I do - projectile vomits

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    What should I do - projectile vomits

    Hi all,

    My DD is 11 days old today. She's a pretty good baby, sleeps well, doesn't cry much (only when hungry) etc.

    Last night she had a feed at about 9pm from my left side (she only feeds one side per feed). She then had a bath half an hour or so later. After she was dressed etc I had her on my lap, facing outwards (she was sitting upright leaning against me). All of a sudden she did this huge projectile vomit which was all over the both of us. My friend who is a midwife said it is probably because we gave her a bath AFTER a feed (which can cause them to vomit). Before and after the vomit DD was not distressed at all, she sort of did her thing then was content.

    She had a feed around 2am and went straight back to sleep, no problem. She then had a feed at 5.45am on the left side again. She was in her bassinet awake at about 6.30am and I heard a noise and turned around and she had done another projectile vomit, as it was on her blanket down near her legs. Again she wasn't upset at all, she just vomited and was happy.

    So is this cause for concern? My first baby had reflux but never projectile vomited like this - it is so forceful. Should I take her to the doctors or wait and see if it keeps happening? I worry about things like pyloric stenosis etc. She does seem to have a bit of a cold which apparently can cause vomiting as well (so I read).

    Hope someone has some suggestions

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    Matilda had silent reflux, but would occasionally have a projectile vomit and it usually went in 3's. So over a 24 hour period she would have 3 major projectiles (around 2 metres sometimes) and then it would go away for a few days and then it would happen again. I would definately discuss it with your Dr if she keeps it every other feed or so, especially if you find the majority of the feed is coming back out. Otherwise, watch her weight over the next few weeks & make sure she's still gaining. As long as she's gaining & is happy then thats the main thing.

    Matilda would always vomit after a bath if she was fed right before, and if we laid her on her right side she would vomit... :-k With reflux we were told if we fed her to lay her on her left side for some reason, dunno....


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