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Thread: what are the symptoms of reflux....

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    Default what are the symptoms of reflux....

    could someone please tell me what the symptoms of reflux as i am unsure what they are and what i have to look out for?

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    [url=]Here[/url] is a thread that might help you Alex...

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    we didn't know DD had reflux until she started puking at about 4 months. Before that time, the only symptom she had would be about 10 mins of crying every time we put her down to sleep. Had no idea at the time that was what it was, but we were lucky we were regularly seeing a paediatrician - DD was born with broken collarbone. In the end I had to spoon some thickening agent goo into her before I BF her to stop her puking each feed back up - she ended up wanting solids pretty early because of that too.

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