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Thread: What teats and bottles with AR formula??

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    Default What teats and bottles with AR formula??

    My one month old DS has reflux, he is currently on karicare AR.

    I am having trouble finding suitable bottles and teats. I was using avent bottles with pigeon Y cut teats, which worked well, but the bottles constantly leak. Which is very annoying when they leak in my nappy bag!!

    I have tried so many bottles, it's not funny. I went and bought some dymples ones from big-w and put the pigeon teats in there, but he sucked so hard today that the teat fell into the bottle! I am experimenting with the tommee tippee closer to nature, number 1 teats are too slow and it seems number 2 is slightly too fast??

    Oh and the bigger pigeon bottles dont fit in my steriliser thats why im not using them.

    Any advice would be awesome..

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    i used a cross flow teat that you buy at the chemist.. its fits into most skinny bottles and they are quiet cheap.. all the best

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    I use Karicare Ar for my son and I use Pur brand teats (not the wide neck) with the hole 6-18mths. I had been using the 3-6mth Pur teats since birth with him anyway and they work well too. Any other teat I had to make the hole a bit larger by passing a skewer through it.

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    I am also using Karicare AR and I use the Avent bottles with the multi-flow teats. It has 3 settings, slow, medium and fast.

    Best of luck!

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    I'm not sure if this would work, but it's a thought.......

    Could you use the Pigeon Y cut teats, the narrow ones? In a Pur bottle or one of the other narrow neck bottles?

    I hear you on the Avent bottles, they $hit me to tears with the way they leak!

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    Thanks for all the advice, great ideas, have just got back from the chemist and bought some happy baby bottles with cross cut teats, so will give them a go..

    And yes have tried the variable teats on avent bottles, my little guy chokes, they are far too fast.

    Janie-Thats not a bad idea, but he is always dribbling with the Y cut wide neck teats anyway, although if these happy baby ones dont work I will give it a go.

    I tried him on a skinny bottle this morning it fit in his mouth so much better!

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    i loved the happy baby bottles .. you can get em from big w ... !! i tried all the bottles out there and happy baby and happy baby dummies are the best for us ! GL

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    have you thought about changing formulas? my DS (now 2) was on S26-AR and i had heaps of trouble feeding him - so in the end i just cut the teats but had to buy new ones very very often.
    my DS (10 weeks) also has suspected reflux so i did a bit of research and found "NOVALAC REFLUX". it stays liquid in the bottle and turns thick once it mixes with stomach acids etc. my DS is still using the same new born teats which is great! novalac is only available at chemists.

    good luck

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