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Thread: When will the teeth come up?

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    Default When will the teeth come up?

    I noticed two small white bumps at the bottom of Tommy's gums about 6-8weeks ago now. I thought it was a sign that his 2 bottom teeth were coming up. But since then there has been no movement. He is constantly drooling and hands and toys always in mouth, any ideas how long they may take to come up?

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    Every child is different. My first born never got any till he was over 8mths old and my 2nd born got his around 6mths


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    As Kathryn has said all babies are different and some take months of teething before the teeth actually come through.

    Matthew had 6 weeks of teething before his 2 bottom teeth came through at 5 months of age.

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    Amy cut her first tooth yesterday and we had no idea. It was a bottom one and she will be 5 months old on Sunday.

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    It can literally take months between seeing the teeth through the gums to them actually emerging. Frustrating, isn't it?


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    Well my DD started teething at 3mths and didn't get her first tooth until 7mths, so thats 4mths of nightmare teething! They kept coming up and then going back down again. Luckly recently, in the space of less than 2 weeks she had gotten another 3.

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    Our daughter got her first tooth at 3 months, but I've known some kids who haven't got their first teeth until 18 months lol! I think it really depends on your genes, too. So if you can ask grand parents on both sides, that'll give you some clues.

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    Matilda's teeth moved around for months before we ever saw one. Actually at 3 months we felt a bump and saw a little speck on her gums and even went to the Dr for something else & he said it was a tooth & she was teething, but it dissappeared & we saw the ture first tooth a week after her 1st birthday.

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