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    Mika24 Guest

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    Hello girls

    I am looking for a bit of advice. My new son is fully breastfed but has a lot of wind as he gulps down his feeds. Is there anything I can do to minimise the wind? I know there are formulas out there but I understood they were designed to be added to bottles of formula fed babies. Am I completely wrong? My first son never got wind so this is all completely new to me?



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    wens Guest


    hi mel
    not sure if this will help, chris has colic really bad, i was told that because i had a very fast flow of milk this didnt help and to try feeding lying down with him on top therefore he wasnt gulping????im not sure if this is myth or not.....i was also told to stay away from cabbage, peas and sorry chocolate, ssalami, hot food spicy food.
    i found a baby massage helpful esp on their stomach, i have a book on it and will drop it in your letterbox tomorrow (fri) hope it helps. just drop back when your finished im not in any hurry for it yet.
    Merry Christmas

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    I have been giving Coco colic medicine in a little water, or some of them you can just syringe in their mouth. Mind you, ive stopped now as Im not convinced it was wind. Just ask at your chemist, you can give most of them from birth as well xox

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    Custardtart Guest


    With products like Infacol you can slip a couple of drops into the corner of the baby's mouth as they are breastfeeding, or just give it to them as they are opening wide and yelling for a feed before you start!


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    Pietta Guest


    I am pretty sure (sorry if im not) but that there is a Braeur colic that you can give to them in water or just in the dropper. I have a bottle and will check tomorrow for you and get back to you.

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    Mika24 Guest


    Thanks everyone

    I have discovered that chocolate seems to be a trigger for Monty's wind, so I am steering clear for a while! I am also feeding him lying down at night, but this is not practical during the day as I have a 16 month old who would not appreciate me not being able to pay him attention whilst feeding.

    I have also got Braur (sp?) colic relief which I have used a few times and it really seems to help.

    Monty is really a good baby though, he often only wakes once during the night and settles really wasily when his tummy is not sore, so I guess I should thank my lucky stars that wind is my only real problem so far!

    Thanks again for the advice


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    Fire Fly Guest


    Thanks for asking this question mel. I to havent experienced this with my DD but my DS who is now 17 days old seems to grunt and groan most of the night with what i think is wind. Ive been eating alot of chocolate of late so im going to give it a go and stop eating it (huge sigh). I never new it could cause wind in babies. You learn something new ever day hey.

    My son isnt really a gulper but my milk does come in to fast for him and he often has to get off to catch his breath, lol and clear his airways. Maybe the fast flow of milk and him trying to keep up with it is the cause. Who knows. Ill stay off the chocolate to see if that helps first.

    Thanks again for asking the question.

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    Jordan is also a very windy baby. It took me an hr to get all the wind up this morning. He grunts and groans in his cradle if he hasnt gotten it all up and I cant sleep when he is like that and I dont like to leave him like that anyway.
    I tried brauers for a while but it didnt seem to make a hole lot of diff but it did make him chuck when he burped.
    I have just settled on being patient with getting the wind up which is hard at 3am when you want to go back to sleep.

    As Jordan has been able to hold his head up better the burps are getting easier so hang in there.

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    Kazzy Guest


    Hi Mel,

    I found with my DD that my milk was flowing too fast for her and because she was gulping it down, she also got lots of wind.. Express a little from each breast before you feed and this may help slow the flow down a bit if it is very fast. ALso, regularlgy burping helps. I would make Eden come up for air every couple of minutes. ANything is worth a try!!

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    Mika24 Guest


    Thanks girls

    I have started using Infacol which seems to help, although sometimes I can't get any wind up at all and he is so unsettled. This tends to happen in the evening so someone reccomended a dummy as sucking can help, and I have tried this tonight. So far it has made him fart loads and really settled him down!

    Lets hope it continues working!


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