thread: Would it be ok to give a 4 and a half old Teething Rusks???

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    spiddles Guest

    Would it be ok to give a 4 and a half old Teething Rusks???

    Liam already as one of his bottom teeth and is chewing EVERYTHING!!! Doesnt like a teething ring as I think it is too akward to hold but happly chews on his hands.

    On the paket it does say from 6 months but it also says thats about the time they get their first tooth. ARGHHHH!! Am confused!

    He has already started soiled and has had farex, pear, apple and banana

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    If you are already feeding him I would say its fine, those things are like bricks so I think they are safe. My only concern would be eggs...check the ingredients as far as I know bubs can't have eggs yet (is that right...god its been so long!).

    I had to laugh though, when you posted I thought from your title was it safe for 4.5 yr olds LOL!


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    katanya Guest

    LOL I thought you meant a 4 and half YEAR old when I read the title?

    I think the reason they recommend the 6 mth mark is because they have gluten and wheat which some children are allergic to, so the things with higher risks they recomend later?
    Another reason is some babies under 6 mths can have the tongue thrust reflex still?
    another possibility is that teething is most common starting at 6 mths, Felix had first tooth at 5 mths, and had first rusk then too didn't start solids till 6mths though.

    These are only my suggestions, and it's up to you and Liam's abilities, some babies are ready for things far earlier than others!

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    I thought the same thing Cailin. I was thinking I am sure Spid only has 1 kids LMAO.

    just be careful if he bites of chunks spiddles.


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    spiddles Guest

    oops *LMAO* I forgot the month bit

    Thanks for the info guys!!