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    My local GP got me on DS .6ml of zantac twice a day.. it didnt seem to help. i have a paed appt on monday to really diagnose the reflx, but i was wondering what dosgae their newborn was on with the zantac.. DS is 6weeks, thanks

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    I'll try and find my sliding scale for you but it does take 2 weeks to work.

    Good luck, you'll find plenty of stories and sympathy here.

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    Yeah Maggie they do calculate how much off the weight of bubs.
    Nixon started Zantac at about 8weeks and was on 0.5ml 3 times a day.
    didnt seem to make much of a difference to begin with (But it can take up to a week-two to work) then he went ok but then dropped back off again, so then he was increased to 1ml 3 times a day (he was then 4months), which was when he was about 5kg by memory??
    (Paed said at the time this was on the lower scale of dosages too)

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    WoW Ronan's does is huge compared to the rest of your bubs..

    Ronan has been on 1.1ml 3 times a day since he was 1 week old (corrected) meaning only 1 week old if born on due date and we have only just changed it to 2 times a day.. He was on the 1.1ml from 4kgs & is now 7kgs but the paed would prefer to cut down the amount of times as apposed to the doseage amount..

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    Jack didn't get prescribed Zantac until he was 3 months old. He was on 1.3 mils once a day. Later the Paed changed him to Losec twice a day and this seems to work alot better! and Paed said if he has a break thru of acid then we give Zantac for 2-3 days along with the Losec. Good Luck, hope you get some good results. Agree with the others it usually takes about 2 weeks to see results.

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    My nina Was 4-5 weeks old when she was started on zantac. She was just under 5kg, and the paediatrician started her on 1.3ml 3 times a day. It started working within 48 hours.

    Generally I think it is the norm to start with a low dose then adjust it paediatrician however didn't beat around the bush so to speak. I'm glad he did, because of the immediate relief it brought.

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