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Thread: 3 month routine GONE WHERE?

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    Default 3 month routine GONE WHERE?

    Hi, my son has just hit the big 3 months and I had him in a pretty good routine up until 3 nights ago! He just seems to be the biggest party pooper, He has about 4 1 hours naps during the day... Our routine at night was bath at 6 then bed at 7 wake up 8.30 top up and back down at 9pm and hed wake again at 1-2am then 4.30am till 7am for a feed. now he skips his 7pm nap and doesnt get to bed until 9.30 and thats with a battle, i have to rock, pat put him on my boob and then finally to bed! hes also waking alot more during the night too.. I thought as they got older the less they woke???I dont know if ive just jinxed myself telling my husband we actually had a routine going or what but its disappeared and i feel like im doing very thing wrong now.. Has anyone else had this problem cos i feel lost and exguasted. :shock:



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    hi there
    it is quite common for babies to get really unsettled etc. around the 3 - 4 month age. They usually go through a big growth spurt and their whole routine just goes out the window.
    My advice " It is a phase and he will get through it".
    No consolation I know, but it will pass and he will settle down again. Meanwhile, its bury the hatchett and wait for it all to pass.
    Good luck!
    Just when you work out the buggers - they go and change on you!!!

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    Just when you think you've got a system happening, they will change it on you!

    I also think it is developmental, just try to ride through it, there is light at the end of the tunnel. They are always growing and some months are more noticable then others I believe.

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    We are there too. Pretty much 4 months on the dot and coco's wonderful night routine is out the window. Its very upsetting and I just hope she returns to normal soon. My question though, we've had her on one feed a night for 2 months, now she's waking up and could almost go two feeds, Im just so worried if i do that, she will expect 2 feeds from here on in. I so don't want to giver her a second feed at night. Any advice from anyone?
    My no1 fed 6 times a night for 8 months, so you can see my fear here, i don't want Coco to become like that, PARTICULARLY after we've had such a good run. xoxo

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