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Thread: 5-10mins enough??

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    Default 5-10mins enough??

    lately i have been rocking 5month DD to sleep (only way she will ever go to sleep) and put her down then 5-10 mins later she is awake and playing happily in the bed. she is then awake fairly happily for the next 11/2 to 2 hours. it must be enough but it is kinda frustrating as its like a waste of my time rocking her for all that time until she goes to sleep for her to wake up such a short time later.

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    yeah just every now and then and in the day time. it must be enough, i just can understand how it could be. i guess it doesn't really matter if she is happy enough with that much.

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    Jovie does this and I guess she's had her rest when she's been rocked or cuddled and that is enough to recharge them until the next sleep time. To me if they are happy then its good, but if they are grumpy & grizzling, than its time to start rocking again.

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