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Thread: 6 month old wanting to sleep on tummy

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    Default 6 month old wanting to sleep on tummy

    I co-sleep with my almost 6 month old and for the past few nights he wont sleep until he is on his tummy.. he has been waking every 2-3 hours forever but now wakes even more often wanting the dummy back in because it falls out being on his tummy or for a feed. I feel it could be because he is practicing crawling (getting onto his knees etc.)
    I just hope this doesnt make my already lack of decent sleep even worse!! anyone else relate?

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    Imran has taken to sleeping on his side lately and has rolled onto his tummy a couple of times. I think that once they can roll easily tummy sleeping isn't such a SIDS risk as it is if they can't roll. Just so long as your mattress is firm not squishy and there aren't any pillows he can push his face into it should probably be ok.
    You could take my sneaky approach - wait until he's well asleep and then very gently flip him over (although I only have to roll Imran from side to back not all the way over)

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