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Thread: 8.5 month old constantly waking and upset!

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    Default 8.5 month old constantly waking and upset!

    my boy has never been a good sleeper.. but the past week it has been so hard! He wakes several times and is upset like in pain. He has been teething for the past few months (getting his first 6 teeth) got his two front teeth threw x-mas day and I wonder if it is these still coming down that is bothering him or something else? I am so buggered! we co-sleep and BF and sometimes when he wakes even the boob wont satisfy him! I just dont know whats going on and I need more sleep as I am sure he does because he sleeps in much longer but wakes more often.
    sorry to ramble I jusy wish there was a magic cure for sleeping throught the night! even 4-6 hours would be BLISS!!! is it a teething thing i wonder i didnt think his sleeping could get worse but it has!!

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    Awww hun I feel your pain of lack of sleep. My DS has been waking like 4-5 times a night and he'll be 9 months on the 25th.

    Hope you get some suggestions so I can try them too.

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    Could you rub in some Bonjella at bedtime and see if that helps?

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