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Thread: 8Months - change in sleep pattern

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    Hi Girls ,

    I was just wondering if anyone else had a bubs that went through a "change" at around 8months.

    Kaitlyn has gone from 7am - 6/730Pm day with usually 1 x 45min and 1 x 1 hour sleep during the day , to 7am -830pm with 2 x 45min sleeps a day . I want her to go to bed early but she just does not want to ..she seems tired. She is teething I think but her last teeth did not affect her this way.

    I have also made the mistake 3 nights in a row of putting her down ...then getting her back up again and letting her play ..big mistake I know but she seems happy and plays while DH and I eat dinner.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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    How is she sleeping within that 8.30pm - 7am time? 2 sleeps a day sounds normal to me...

    Matthew went through a huge change sleep wise at 8 months and did you read the other threads in this forum, there are quite a few that have had the same happen to them.

    Making sure you have a night time is ritual I believe... hmm... and yep, not letting her get up and playing after bed is on the list. But you know that.

    I'll look forward to seeing how you go tonight and we'll nut this out. Give the other threads a read though - some great tips!

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