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    My daughter is almost 3 weeks and her sleeping is all over the place and pretty terrible. She went to sleep at around 11pm last night then woke up at midnight and then had about another 2 hours sleep on and off and was up at 7am. THen she had almost 2 hours from 9.40-11.40. Then her next sleep was 4pm this arvo and it's 6.10pm and she's still asleep. IM wondering if this will mean she doesn't sleep tonight?
    What I really want to know is if anyone's newborn would sleep late into the afternoon, or into the early evening adn then still sleep at night?

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    Meg, honestly, with newborns (and up until at least 4 months, usually a lot longer!) there doesn't seem to be a right or a wrong for babies sleep patterns, they just do what they need to do!

    I know it is frustrating when you are tired, and they want to be awake half the night and asleep thru the day, but they are just getting used to the world!

    Newborns seem to need heaps of sleep: feeding tires them out, so even if your DD sleeps late in the evening, when she wakes and has been fed, more than likely she will go back to sleep again.

    The only thing I can suggest to help your little one begin to have a sense of day versus night is this: when she wakes in the day, blinds open, radio on, happy smiley chat chat, and a fairly interactive time. Then for night feeds, keep the lights dim, no chatting, just a cuddly feed, then straight back to bed.


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    I totally agree with what Lucy has said.

    We really found that doing those simple things to help distinguish between night and day really helped Jacob and by 8w he was having a long sleep overnight.

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    Meg, I agree with Lucy - as hard as it is, just try to go with it. Emma seemed to have day and night completely back to front at 3 weeks. She slept beautifully through the day then was up every hour or 2 through the night. People gave me all sorts of advice, some of which I tried, but nothing worked, so I just went with it. Before long she had worked out night and day for herself and is now a fantastic night sleeper (at only 11 weeks she has slept right through twice \/ ) and it seemed like only the other day I was asking what you are asking. I was really glad I let Emma work it out for herself, because I didnt want to mess with the sleep she needed - even if it was through the day. I know it's hard, but it will get better before you know it!

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