Hi there

I'm hoping someone has some tips on what I could do or tell me that this stage ends soon!

My 10 mth old generally sleeps pretty well, occasionally wakes up but can be resettled in 10 mins with a quick cuddle. But we are having the odd night here and there (like last night!) where NOTHING works. I try cuddling on the couch for so long I drop off, bf in case she's thirsty if she's really whingey, gently stroking her tummy (she's suddenly started doing a dirty nappy some nights) and when none of those work (or they work, but she wakes up an hour later) I bring her into bed to cosleep for the rest of the night. Which kind of works, but is very uncomfortable for me, 'cause when she's unsettled she wants me to cuddle her = one position for the rest of the night. Plus, she has still been waking up, it's just a bit easier to get her back to sleep quickly.

Am I doing something wrong??? I have cuddled her to sleep and transferred her to her cot since she was born and she doesn't wake up with that. I don't want to leave her to cry, she sometimes resettles herself, but I can hear when she's getting upset and go in straight away. Otherwise she gets really hysterical.

Any tips much appreciated. Gentle tips, please.