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Thread: anyone know an anti-controlled crying gp in melbourne??

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    Question anyone know an anti-controlled crying gp in melbourne??

    Hi all
    Am new to this so hope am doing it right!! Have recently moved to Melbourne and am wondering if anyone can recommend a good anti-cc gp or peadiatrician? We have 3 lovely children (7,9 and 10 months), the eldest 2 were more 'typical' sleepers but the bub is like nothing we've ever seen before!! Has never slept more than an hour at a stretch. We co-sleep and he still wakes up at least a dozen times a night, more usually 20 or constantly till morning. He stopped breathing with bronchiolitis at 7 weeks and has had 5 or so quite serious bouts with mild apnea and I tend to think it's worth investigatin whether he has sleep apnea, as he snores all the time when he's sleeping too and I don't remember the other 2 doing that! He is the happiest, sweetest bub during the day, laughs and plays at a million miles an hour never whinges, perfectly happy even on no sleep! Crawled at 4 and half months, walked properly (as in stopped crawling and only walked) at 9 months and is fine with all his milestones, average size etc
    But just doesn't sleep!! Don't know what to do but know I will not cc him hence the doctor question. Any suggestions?? Most appreciative! Would really like to get some kind of a grip on his sleeping and dream of a solid 2 hour sleep each night!! Thanks all

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    im not from melbourne so cant help there
    just thought i would say good luck and i hope you find some one soon

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    oh thanks Ellibugs!!

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    I'm in Sydney so can't help at all, but just wanted to say I think it's a great idea to have him checked out! A friend of mine lost her little brother to SIDS so has to have all her babies taken in for sleep studies and has just found out that her 10 week old baby girl has quite a severe case of sleep apnea.

    I'd maybe contact your local children's hospital, that's where my friend has taken her kids to have the sleep studies done.

    Good luck!

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    Great suggestion Willow, I'll give the childrens' hospital a ring and see what they say!Thanks

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    Try looking up Pinky McKay, she's an author and just a gentle parenting guro. She's not a GP or MCHN or anything like that but an extremely helpful woman

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    Thanks Christy, sounds promising!

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    I actually sent Pinky this link as she knows some great GP's - even if you give her a call she will help you out, she knows your story - the RCH is very pro CC apparently.

    Her number is on her site Pinky McKay, baby massage, breastfeeding, gentle baby sleep solutions and parenting classes
    Kelly xx

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    Thanks for that Kelly, have just emailed her from her site too! Everyone is being so helpful. Thanks again

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