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Thread: Baby Hammock?

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    Default Baby Hammock?

    Has anyone tried baby hammocks or Motion beds to get their bubs to sleep?
    I have been doing some reading on them and would like to know if they have been successful with other babies before I buy one, as they are quite pricey.
    The site I was looking at says they nap for longer cause if the bub wakes after the first sleep cycle, it can rock them back to sleep.

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    my best freind has one she swears by it.

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    Ooh, I bought one for my first DS because he wouldn't sleep during the day unless I held him. The first time I put him in it he slept for two hours!! Sometimes they need resettling in it after a sleep cycle though so I used to just bounce him for a while until he went back to sleep. When he got older he learned to bounce himself!

    If you are uncertain about purchasing one, you could hire one from a baby hire place and try it out on your bub first.

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    Loved mine!! He slept in it until around 6 months as then he wanted to roll onto his side. During the day he didn't like sleeping anywhere at first except with me then the lounge, then our bed and finally his cot... but used it at night and it was fantastic! I used to bounce him back to sleep if he woke before he was due for a feed or if he was just grizzling and not waking fully. He slept really well and through the night from very early on. I bought mine off ebay $100 cheaper than new. Got the Amby hammock. Pros and cons to the different ones I think.

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