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Thread: Bedtime routine

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    Question Bedtime routine


    DD has just started sleeping in her own room after being in her bassinette in our room for 6 months. We are trying to get her to sleep in the cot because she has outgrown the bassinett but its been hard. We have gone from the bassinette in the cot to a snuggle bed in the cot but she is fast outgrowing that too. Which is sad cause after DH leaves in the morning I bring it and her into our bed.
    She just likes to roll all over the cot and not settle so gets upset but in the snuggle bed she just drops off no dramas (most of the time)
    My question is do ppl think a bedtime routine will help and am asking for any other suggestions for getting her out of the snuggle bed and into the cot with out CCing.

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    lol I was going to suggest a snuggle bed as i had the same problem with my ds but yes sadly he out grew the snuggle bed as well but i kept him in there until there was absoloutly no room left for him...It was hard getting him used to the openess of the cot but I found sticking to a routine did deffinatly help....and it also involved a few nights ofmore tears then I was used to..I also tried tocking him in ds seemed to like the cozy feeling which was what he was getting from the snuggle bed so the tucked in sheets seemed to make him feel secure..

    Good luck with the change to the cot

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