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Thread: can babies sleep too much?

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    Default can babies sleep too much?

    Hi Ladies

    Jordan is now 4 mnths old and he generally has a 2-3 hr sleep in between all feeds. He is sleeping about 6 hrs overnight from 10pm till 4am, then feed and back to sleep till around 7-8am.

    Can he sleep too much?

    This afternoon he slept from 11am-2pm. I fed him at 2pm, went to sleep at 4pm. He woke again at 6pm for a feed. and he was back in bed by 7pm.
    It seems to me he has spent more time asleep than awake, is this ok?

    He is a very content baby and when awake he smiles and laughs.

    My other thought is that he is sleeping too much during the day and this is hindering his night sleep.

    Advice welcome

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    I don't think he is sleeping too much. Sometimes babies will sleep more if they are sick, but some will just sleep more than others. You might find that very soon he will be awake more as he starts to do more and become more active. At 4 months some babies will still sleep alot through the day and will still wake at night for a feed sometimes.

    Don't worry though, Jordan sounds like he is a normal happy and healthy bubby.

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    I personally don't think that babies can sleep too much. I think they just take what they need? From about 4 months Olivia was having day sleeps totalling about 6 hours and 12 hours at night: she was asleep more than she was awake, but gloriously happy and content whilst awake.

    (Even now she has a 3 hour day sleep plus a 12 hour overnight sleep!)

    Charlie has a lot less and is just as content & happy.

    I guess, like grown ups, they all just need varying amounts?

    I would only worry if they were lethargic during awake times, IYKWIM?

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    Default Sleepy bub

    Hi there. Think yourself lucky if he is sleeping that much. Jordan sounds like a happy little fella! My first born Jack slept heaps too. He usec to sleep 2 four hour sleeps a day and 12-15 hours overnight. I used to worry about it all the time and think that there was something wrong with him. He decided just after his first birthday that he only needed one day time sleep and a big night sleep. My second baby, Jesse is a terrible sleeper and we are sorting himm out at the moment. So please enjoy your little Jordan and his big sleeps as they are not all like him!! If you are not 100% happy with him sleeping that much i would always say to get him checked out by your health nurse or doctor, but to me he sounds great and you are a lucky mum!! :sleeping:

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