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    This is kind of a gumby topic. I have read the same book to Yasin every night for months and it's become a part of his bedtime routine. The problem is that if I have to imitate Hairy Mac @#$%^&* Clary chasing a cat over a fence many more times I will go nuts. We used to have a differant Hairy Macclary book and I kind of feel like a change from the whole Hairy genre. We have lots of books but he only gets Scattercat before bed so I want to buy a new book (maybe the Green Sheep one) and start reading that. My question is should I just take the plunge or try to do it gradually? Told you it was a gumby question!!

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    LOL... Matilda has one book like that. We read that book first, and started a new one where we only read part of the new one. We did that for a week, and then started to read only part of the older book. We had a few arguements where Matilda wanted to read all of her "night night" book. Now we read 2 books, she chooses 1 and we choose the other. So if she chooses "night night" we choose something else, short & sweet.

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