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    On Super Nanny a while ago they had a family who's 2 daughters shared a double bed. I thought it looked like a really nice arrangement for young children. I was wondering if anyone here has tried this kind of arrangement and how well it worked for you.
    Its a few years before Imran will be ready to move into a big bed but I thought I may as well ask now.

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    Awwww that sounds beautiful!!! I have just put our two in a room together on a few suggestions to do so since we've had some sleeping upsets of late. Marisa is so much happier and feels safer in there (she has had night frights for about 8 months) and has been sleeping really well and Elijah is doing well in there too. It's so sweet! John said that when he was little he remembers sharing a room with his brother and he loved it. I have always felt sad for my bubbies sleeping on their own and trying to convince them that it's okay in there and safe, when I know as a child I hated being alone and was frightened... but as parents we usually sleep with our partners and I know I forgot how frightening it can be. Not all kids are like this of course, some are confident on their own, so I guess it's a matter of working out whats going to work for you. (as usual )
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    I HATED sharing a room with my sister when we were children - but then, come to think of it, I hated sharing ANYTHING with either of my younger sisters!! Including my parents when they were first born... Although there is only two years between each of us I never really was convinced of the need for siblings. I always loved them and still do!! I guess it's an individual thing, like Kelly says...

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    My brother and I shared a room for years when we were young and I really think it help us to create a really great bond. When he was scared I would talk to him and it was so nice sharing a room with someone. We never shared a bed though, just the room, but I say go for it! When my kid/s are older hopefully they will want to share a room, possibly a double bed!

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    I put Imran and Yasin in bed together sometimes (7m & 2y) while I'm awake. Usually Yasin sleeps really soundly but Imran will wake up so I have to bolt in before he wakes Yasin. Imran always makes a noise when he wakes so just so long as I'm awake I hear him and stop him from crawling on Yasin but I wouldn't be comfy leaving them unsupervised overnight while I slept.
    Yasin has a double bed so if he needs one of us in his room its comfy and eventually the plan is that Imran will sleep in it. Sometimes while DH is away I sleep in it with a bub on each side. Our bed is a king size so it would be more comfy in there but Yasin's bed is very low so I feel that its safer. Yasin doesn't fall out of bed and Imran crawls on me when he wakes so its not really likely that they could fall out but I still feel safer in the low bed.

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    Evan & Glenn sleep in a Double bed together. I bought bunks & the bottom is a double. Evan will sometime ask to sleep up the top but soon asks to go back down to be with Glenn. Evan co-slept with us full time from 7 months on. So I thought having the double would be a good idea.
    1, so Glenn had more room to roll around & not fall out of a single. 2, There is room for mum or dad if one of the boys is upset. 3, so they could sleep together if they wanted too. I knew we might have issues with Evan moving from our bed to on his own, as he did have his own bed, but hardly ever slept in there. It was such an easy move putting them together. We will have astory before bed & we all get in the double & then lights out & we lie with them till they are asleep. But we have just started making Evan pick who stays as we can't keep up having 2 parents in the bed. I will need to get up & tend to the baby etc. Also, now that its warming up, it will get too hot for us all to be in there!

    But my opinion is that its a great option! We have a spare room, but The boys hardly play in their room anyway, so why take up 2 rooms just for sleeping?

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    My twins are only 4 months old but I have already been thinking about bed arrangements when they are older..was thinking about the double bed with the single bunk up top..They can sleep together when they are little and when they are a bit older one of them can go on the top bunk.My husband is one of thirteen children and at one stage 3 of his sisters all slept in a queen size bed it was a water bed too how uncomfortable..

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