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    Hello lovely ladies,

    Just wanted to tell you about my camping trip.

    We are recently home from a weeks holiday camping in the beautiful (but very wet) NSW Southern Highlands. We bought my 3 y.o DS a very special very flash camp bed just for him so he would feel special (as lil sis is in his port-a-cot, which BTW he is too big for now) and he hated it!
    So, it meant that I got to share the big bed with him and DH got relegated to the camp bed. I can't tell you how wonderful it was snuggling up to my 'lil man each night. Even if he did wriggle all over the bed, to feel him reach for me in the night and tangle his little fingers into my hair was truely magical.
    Now I know why there is a return to the old ways of family beds.....It is sooo natural!

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    Awww...nothin' better is there?

    DD performs a clever little approach-turn-and-roll maneouver to get herself all spooned-up in the crook of my arm. Morning cuddle-snoozes are just loverly...

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    i know exactly what you mean krisp, i absolutely love co-sleeping. i sleep with both my boys. sometimes ds1 will reach over in the middle of the night and grab my hand, bring it up to his mouth, kiss it and then cuddle it back to sleep. co-sleeping is so addictive!

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