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Thread: Co-sleeping as a sometimes option

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    So, Bonnie's having a bit of trouble resettling at night-time at the moment. She goes down OK, but wakes after 30 minutes or so. I think she's addicted to someone bouncing the hammock. Normally, she's sleeping fine, so I'm just putting her recent unsettled sleeping down to a phase she's going through.

    Last night, I just couldn't be bothered bouncing the hammock for 10 minutes or whatever, so I chucked her in bed with me and we both slept soundly until the morning - it was great!

    Here's the issue though. I'm not committed to co-sleeping full time. I'd rather use it as a last resort for when she's going through a difficult sleeping phase (like now).

    Is co-sleeping on a part-time basis do-able? Or, will she develop a definate preference for sleeping next to me and make hammock settling even more difficult than it is now?

    Are there any other part-time co-sleepers out there? Share your stories.

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    Charlie was a part-time co-sleeper until recently. When he was fussy or was not well, he'd come into bed with us for the night. Otherwise he stayed in his cot. I would say he maybe co-slept about 20% of the time, but I have to admit that most of that was probably early on. Since turning 6 months, it's been quite infrequent, less than once a month probably, and only if I've woken to him 3 or 4 times already and he's not settling no matter what I do.

    Lately though he's getting too big to sleep with us, and when he does he seems to wake very often. He seems to sleep better in his cot than with us, now. He also has started to consistently sleep through, too. So yes, it definitely can be done.

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    We part time co-slept with Em for many months. It worked well for me, but not for DH, but that a whole other issue

    My attitude has always been 'do what works'. See how it goes & you may find that she just needs that extra comfort of having you nearby while this phase happens....

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    I co sleep with Caleb when he has a rowdy night. He is usually in his bed the next night with no problems. Some nights I will wake and put him back in his cot too.

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    I'm a part-time co-sleeper. DS sleeps wherever in the day, and has at least one sleep a day in the crib. At night, in the crib until he wakes for a feed, then into bed with me so I have energy the next day. DS is currently in a lot of pain and needs constant cuddles, I don't mind co-sleeping full-time until he feels better.

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    We also co-sleep part time. I take each night as it comes, if he settles in his own room, leave him there, if not, he comes in with me and we all get a good nights sleep

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