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    Hi, i am booked in for sleep school, residential stay from the 12th feb,, been told that they dont do control crying but do comfort crying, does anyone know what this is all about.. thanks ( i didnt want DS to have to go thru Controlled crying as only almost 5mnths. )

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    thanks kate, what is clock read? & baby read

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    Maggie I feel for you I truely do. Matilda was very similar to your little one as far as I can read with reflux & sleep issues. We went to sleep school as well. Honestly it broke my heart and was very hard. I don't encourage sleep schools at all, but I do encourage mum's getting some support. As you are already going listen to their advice but do what your heart says. Don't be lead astray if your heart is breaking & your baby is screaming. Be strong in what you want for both of you going in & you will win in the end. I went knowing that I disagree with CC. So while I was there I took their advice & I got some rest and a break from house life... and came home and altered what we did there to fit what we wanted in our house. I didn't leave Matilda crying as they suggested. I stayed with her & rocked her until she was settled & then put her in her cot & patted her bottom until she was asleep. I don't mind spending the time doing that.

    Last night Matilda was a bit of a mess going to bed, she's 2 1/2 now and I sat and rocked her on my lap until she was more settled then I tucked her in & sat next to her for 15 minutes and then left the room.

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