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    Comforting Tools to Aid Restful Sleep

    Here is a list that I have put together, of gentle and comforting things to try to aid restful sleep for your baby. Of course none of these things guarantee restful sleep or sleeping through the night, but they are lovely things to try that can quite often relax you as well as baby!

    We have found some to be more effective with Jacob than others. As every baby is different, I'm sure that you will all find this to be the case with your babies too!

    Here are some ideas:

    ~ quiet, soothing cuddles & kisses (perhaps in the baby's bedroom or place or sleep or other familiar place that you find relaxing for baby)
    ~ patting (on the bottom/hip/thigh area)
    ~ rocking (either holding baby or rocking cot/bassinette)
    ~ soothing music (e.g. Peace Baby or Music For Dreaming)
    ~ a warm, dark room
    ~ co-sleep with baby
    ~ breast/bottle feed in baby's room (or wherever they sleep, e.g. in bed with you)
    ~ a relaxing bath before bed
    ~ a wind-down or sleep 'routine' for bed (e.g. bath, book, breast/bottle/bed or any combination of things that works well for you and baby)
    ~ a sleeping bag/growbag to make baby feel snug and safe
    ~ wrap/unwrap baby with a bunny rug
    ~ a soothing sleep message (e.g. "goodnight, love you, see you in the morning")
    ~ a soothing toy/pillow/blanket (something that is baby's favourite or that they are particularly attached to)
    ~ baby massage
    ~ suitable aromatherapy for baby

    BellyBelly recommends Pinky McKay's brilliant books, "Sleeping Like a Baby", "100 Ways to Calm the Crying" and "Parenting By Heart", all of which can be bought online at Seek Books (they have great prices for books and ship overseas too).

    Some really informative articles also include the following:

    The Crying Game
    Babies and Sleep
    15 Ways to Help Your Baby Sleep

    Feel free to add your comforting tips!
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    Something that used to comfort Aidyn lots was to lie down with him lying on my tummy, and I would stroke his back...

    We would also hold him against us and rock him gently whilst playing gentle music of ours (ie. some old Beatles stuff) and singing to him. (this was how we would settle him to sleep every night for a period of many months!)

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    Singing softly........I can't actually sing to save my life: you won't be seeing me on Idol, ever.........but I do sing to my babies and they both seem to find it relaxing.......I can feel Olivia relax in my arms very noticably when I sing our little song to her (sadly, the theme tune to the Koala Brothers, LOL!). And Charlie grins and looks happy when I sing "Say we'll be friends for a lifetime" by Becky Cole. He cuddles well to that song, even if I can't hold a note!!

    Andrew sings "Angels" and "Better Man" by Robbie Williams to them both at bath/bedtime, and it is such a lovely thing to hear a grown man sing soppy songs to his babies.....makes me go all teary, and they seem to love it.

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    I have found that dressing bub in a "nightie" rather that all in one suits or pants is much better and means that the night time nappy change is less disruptive. I can almost go through the night feeds without him even opening his eyes!

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    scented cream I have noticed relaxes both my boys. Singing helps baby to go to sleep but if I forget he will start singing his own lullaby lol its so cute. A night light comforts our boys- who find the dark scarey. and reading bed time stories help some nights too