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Thread: cot and bed?

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    Default cot and bed?

    i know a few people have said they took the side off the cot and have it right up against their bed. i was wondering are the cot and beds the same height. i want to do this but our bed is lower then the cot (on the top setting) and i think on the lower one it would be to low??

    what could i do to changeit???

    sorry if this is in the wrong section mods feel free to move it!!

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    Hi Elissa,
    I did this with Aidyns cots from when he was about 8 or 9 months until 14 months (not 100% sure if it was 13, 14, or 15 months actually LOL)
    Obviously if the cot mattress is higher than your mattress it probably wont be ideal at all, as bubs could roll out and would drop down onto your mattress.

    We had Aidyns cot lowered to the lowest setting. With his mattress in it, it actually turned out not to be as big a difference as we thought it would. His cot mattress was probably somewhere around 5-10cm lower than our bed mattress.
    This ended up being ideal, as it created a small 'barrier' that he wasnt able to crawl over until he had well and truly mastered the art of crawling. Although it wasnt so good when we were all in the bed together (due to him being on a different level and being harder to cuddle!) it was better for him at naptimes when I wasnt in the room, so I know there was no way he could roll out of the cot and off the bed.

    When he reached the age where he could crawl, we put the side back onto the cot, but still left it next to our bed for a few more months.

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    thanks ambah
    we moved it today and put it on the lower setting and the hieght difference is about the same as you!!
    i hope this will make us all happier

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    Eli i did this too a few weeks back and its been great. Sammy loves being soo close and for the feeds at night i just have to roll him back instead of getting up and putting him back in his cot. I find that I get too hot if he snuggles in and sleeps with me for too long.


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