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Thread: Do they ever sleep all night???

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    Default Do they ever sleep all night???

    My 8 month old wakes 3 times a night - usually around 11pm, 1am and 4am. She weights 9.7kg and is above the percentile graph line for her weight and age, so she is definitely eating enough! Breastmilk anyway, she is still fussy with solids, but we are persevering...

    I just realised in the last 8 months I have slept a solid 5 nights - Xmas Eve, and 4 nights in a row in October 05... :sleeping:

    I feed my baby to sleep and she is happy and secure. I have no desire to start doing CC as I feel her personality is so sweet and trusting and I have read that CC can make babies feel depressed and unnurtured.

    I really have no worries in keeping the status quo and am just cruising with the situation until she decides she is ready to sleep all night on her own. I was just wondering if anyone elses baby did anything similar or offer any experiences about when your babies started sleeping through (if ever!!) My friends with babies do the Gina Ford - Contented Baby Routines and follow the CHN settling and sleeping advice, and can make me feel like I have done it wrong (even though I dont feel that way).

    Appreciate any words of wisdom!

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    Hi Jess,
    I can sympathise, I haven't had a really full night's sleep in the last 3 years (not that I'm counting lol) and I can't see it happening anytime soon, although there's always hope. I realise this isn't that helpful for you, but the fact is that there are just about as many sleeping patterns as there are babies - some sleep all night from a few weeks old, while some will still be waking fairly often up to school age! And sleeping, like eating and using the toilet, is something you actually can't MAKE a child do. You can provide them with every opportunity and encouragement to sleep through. When she's a bit older you can teach her not to wake you when she awakes at night. But she won't actually sleep through until she's physically and mentally ready.
    If she seems healthy and her current pattern is acceptable to you, don't worry. If/when you can't cope and NEED her to sleep longer, there are heaps of gentle ideas you can try (eg Elizabeth Pantley's No Cry Sleep Solution) and it's just a matter of trial and error until you discover what works for you.

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    Hi Jess... Yes they eventually sleep through the night, eventually being the operative word LOL.

    Matilda slept through the first time when she was 13 months old for a few nights & then not again until she was 18months.... now at 23 months she wakes up around 5am with the temp change & we are lucky to get her back to sleep for another hour.

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    Thanks everyone for your replies. Shannen I just read your CS Success Story and totally sympathise with where you were - although Lahnee has not stayed awake for 3 nights!!!! (You are amazing) I will give your suggestions a go and see what my angel does! It makes sense they want to be close - whether on your breast, being cuddled or sitting next to them, and not having to scream for contact or your attention.

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